Poetic and ultra modern pop artist Sufferin Mall shares dynamic single “The Chase”

Sufferin Mall is the project of Yoyo Comay, a musician and poet from Toronto. It is a space for him to explore the relationship between desire and suffering. Initially, this exploration will take the form of a musical project, Crushed, which will be released in 2022. The sound of the EP is twisted metal and spun sugar, like licking honey off of a razor blade. 

The bridge of lead single “The Chase,” with its near nonsensical stream of syllables, is fine-tuned to provide maximal sonic pleasure. While poetry and pop music might seem to be at odds with one-another, these two practices are connected by Yoyo’s obsession with the sonic properties of language. In both cases, he is always looking for the sounds which hit the ear just right and are chewy in the mouth. 

Stream and consider sharing “The Chase” here:

Yoyo is half of dream-folk duo Lottery with Elyse Parr, and a founding member of the Toronto Experimental Translation Collective. He is currently completing his Master’s in Creative Writing at the University of Toronto, where he is working on a novel which builds upon the Sufferin Mall universe.