Pop Artist Alexandra Fresquez Breaks Free with Empowering New Single and Charitable Initiative

New York, NY – Activista Music & Media is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated release of “Break Free,” the latest single by rising pop sensation Alexandra Fresquez. The empowering track will be available on all major streaming platforms starting July 1st, 2023.

“Break Free” serves as a powerful anthem, inviting listeners on a transformative journey of self-liberation. Through her heartfelt lyrics, Alexandra explores the concept of breaking free from self-imposed limitations and detrimental habits. The song speaks to the idea that our biggest competition and greatest obstacle is often ourselves.

In an interview, Alexandra shared her inspiration behind “Break Free,” saying, “I think your biggest competition, and your hardest thing to overcome, is yourself. I’m also a big believer in living every day to the very fullest. We aren’t meant to just work and die. We’re all here for a reason.”

Beyond her infectious pop sound, Alexandra has made a strong commitment to making a positive impact through her music. With every release, she aims to help others and create meaningful change in the world. Continuing this philanthropic mission, all proceeds from “Break Free” will be directly donated to “Our Story is,” a non-profit organization focused on combating food insecurity and providing fresh produce to communities in need.

Alexandra’s dedication to giving back is evident in her merchandise line as well. All merchandise proceeds from her music go to various charitable causes. By supporting “Break Free” and its accompanying merchandise, fans are actively contributing to the fight against food insecurity through “Our Story is.”

As an emerging artist, Alexandra Fresquez has already gained considerable attention and acclaim for her unique sound and impassioned performances. Her music has been featured on multiple TV shows such as SKYMED as well as named the Female Vocalist of the year by the New Mexico Hip Hop Awards. Her music resonates with audiences globally, inspiring listeners to break free from their own constraints and embrace a life of empowerment and purpose.

 Stay tuned for upcoming performances, announcements, and more from this talented pop artist.

About Alexandra Fresquez:Alexandra Fresquez is an emerging pop artist known for her powerful vocals and empowering lyrics. With a mission to help others, she directs all merchandise proceeds to charitable organizations. Her latest single, “Break Free,” is set to inspire listeners worldwide, while supporting “Our Story is” in their fight against food insecurity. Follow her @AlexandraBFresquez on all social media. 

About Activista Music & Media:Activista Music & Media is a forward-thinking record label and media agency committed to promoting socially conscious artists and impactful music. With a passion for creating positive change, Activista connects artists and their audience with philanthropic endeavors to make a meaningful difference in communities around the globe.