Pop punk band Pkew Pkew Pkew address their woes on “The Dumbest Thing I Ever Done,” lead single from upcoming Siiick Days LP

Pkew Pkew Pkew are one the most criminally underrated bands in North America. Hailing from Toronto, this pop-punk trio of party-loving delinquents have spent the better part of a decade relentlessly touring Canada, the US and Europe. While their last album, Open Bar (2022), was all about avoiding the pandemic completely, their upcoming full-length Siiick Days (Sept 22, 2023) is all about dealing with it. 

The recently restructured band (Ryan James McKinley left on friendly terms) has crafted an incredibly thoughtful, cohesive, introspective and hilariously joyful album. Most of the songs were written in solitary moments walking to the grocery store, riding the subway or hanging out in the bathroom at the local bar. 

The opening track “The Dumbest Thing I Ever Done” is about vocalist/guitarist Mike Thomas Warne having to sell his Playstation after a particularly rough COVID-plagued 2020 European tour, which was financially difficult. Unknowingly, the world was about to go into lockdown and he would need that Playstation to keep him entertained more than ever. 

Listen to the lead single “The Dumbest Thing I Ever Done” :

Watch the official music video here: