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Port Cities sing about heartache in “I Still See You At Parties”

Port Cities & Emma-Lee release their “I Still See You At Parties ...

“I Still See You At Parties” from Port Cities, a bubbly jam with earthy acoustic touches that captures the heartache of running into a lover you’re not quite over yet. 

The sleek and soulful pop outfit is made up of Halifax-based songwriters Dylan Guthro and Carleton Stone. 2019 marked the amicable departure of beloved founding member Breagh McKinnon, and 2020 signals the beginning of a new Port Cities—one that will build on the long-running spirit of collaboration Guthro and Stone have fostered over the past few years. The first of many connections to make landfall with the new dynamic is Emma-Lee, the Toronto-based merchant of bright, dreamy pop who lends her vocal stylings.