ThemBot is a half-Cypriot trans pop artist whose mission is to truly level the playing field in pop music. With the recent release of ‘Take Me Home’ (as seen in Live Nation’s Ones to Watch & Keep Walking Music) reaching over 10k streams on Spotify, the anticipated release of new single – ‘Hotline’ – is predicted to make waves in London’s glam-pop grassroots scene.

Release Date : 17th March 2023

In ‘Hotline’ Thembot blends a 2000s nostalgic Pop sound with her R&B influences to create a perfect vibe to get down with. Partnered with a trap beat, it perfectly juxtaposes the addictive layered harmonies. Hotline really encapsulates everything Thembot loves from early 2000s Pop and R&B while still staying true her own style of music and personal “it girl’ energy. Produced by the amazing Greg Parys and vocally arranged by Veronica Canestrari. Hotline is the hot girl song of the season.
“Sometimes a girl wants to be wined and dined or even a coffee. These hook ups were fucking with my head, thinking all these crazy things like; is it my transness? Are they embarrassed to be seen with a doll in public? No bitch, these guys are just simply men horny, insecure and broke.”