Psyrena unveils breezy synth-pop gem ‘Ring Ring Ring’

Alt-pop musician Psyrena (Madeleine Wise) returns with a breezy, synth-pop gem ‘Ring Ring Ring’, lifted from her forthcoming EP ‘Quarantella Rockefella’ due this summer.

Psyrena says: “RING RING RING is all about us connecting with each other. In the current lockdown climate we long for human touch, but surely the next best thing is to at least see and hear each other. It may sound crazy, but even now, when I work with my best friend and producer remotely, we chat, we discuss, but then leave the line open with neither of us saying anything, because we’re each busy thinking but wanting to hear each other breathe. That way it feels like we’re sitting next to each other, like in the good old days when an early version of this track was born. As much as we are connected through different technical mediums nowadays, nothing can really replace the good old magic of physical human connection. The use of devices to connect can make us feel even more disconnected, I’m sure most of us experienced these feelings and that’s ok.”

A deft animator and visual artist, Psyrena created and designed animated videos for singles ‘Jedi Master’ and ‘Rainbows and Unicorns’ released earlier this year. Drawing on a myriad of influences, she combines modern day synth-pop with soulful, emotive harmonies.

Psyrena’s recent single ‘Jedi Master’ reached the Top Ten in the CD Charts and gained support on Kiss, BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra, Capital, Rinse FM, Ministry of Sound with DJs Blakk Habit and the almighty EZ. Recent press (Vice, Art Factory, iDJ etc.) has compared her eclectic music style of art-pop electronica and orchestral sounds to Robyn, Gorillaz, Massive Attack and James Bond Soundtracks. She has been recognised for her highly individual videos like ‘Rainbows and Unicorns’, in which she created her own animated world to escape the apathy of lockdown, going viral on YouTube and ‘Jedi Master’ featuring augmented reality masks in collaboration with the digital world’s finest AI creators.

Being a multi-instrumentalist herself, her writing and production work has already been featured on [adult swim] and Cartoon Network. Together with her creative partner Yak Bondy and Ivor Novello composer Hélène Muddiman she co-wrote and performed music for the Original Motion Picture ‘Bliss!’ (2016), conducted by Eimear Noone, the first ever female orchestra leader performing at the Oscars in 2020.