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Raito ‘Broken Heart’

Broken Heart - Single by Raito | Spotify

Versatile French producer Raito is back with his second release with Ultra Music, “Broken Heart.” Raito made his Ultra Music debut in Nov. 2020 with single “Catch Me,” an upbeat, catchy track that makes you want to dance and sing along, featuring Allie Crystal. “Catch Me,” which holds quite the opposite message of “Broken Heart,” is about finding someone after a heartbreak that you might be falling in love with. “Broken Heart” starts off strong right from the first base hit, featuring an upbeat rhythm that pairs perfectly with the catchy lyrics and dreamy vocals. The vibe of the track is very whimsical, while portraying a message of heartbreak and the feeling of needing to get out and move on, while acting like the feelings associated with a breakup don’t phase you in the moment.

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