Ray Laurél Reveals Stunning New Single ‘Coconut Perfume’

‘Manic Pixie Dream Boy’ EP Set For Release July 15th– Pre Order HERE

London based newcomer Ray Laurél continues to grow the gathering buzz around his name with the reveal of third single, Coconut Perfume. Fresh from opening for Jeshi and recently collaborating with Gglum, Ray is moving towards the release of his debut EP with stunning new offering, ‘Coconut Perfume’. Showcasing Ray’s vocals over intricate production, it’s another look into a very exciting talent. On the track, Ray explains:

“I romanticize my life on a daily basis, it’s fun but pretty tiring haha, with this song I’m simply romanticizing a ‘perfect date’. drinking wine listening to Stevie Wonder under the sun, surrounded by nature. I remember having a crush on this girl who always wore coconut perfume in back high school, it just reminds me of summer.”


Hailing from his bedroom in London, Ray Laurél is a British Asian Singer-Songwriter and Producer. Through personal lyrics with almost psychedelic productions, Ray tackles the heteronormative structure with queer, genre-bending anthems. Look out for more from him very soon. 

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