Singer, songwriter and producer Renao puts his own pop-influenced spin on guitar-led alternative R&B, a sound in no way confined to the bedroom in which he makes it.

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An authentic, approachable artist, 23-year-old Renao eschewed a career as an Olympic Badminton hopeful to create art that references the aspirations of American youth and pop culture, across road trips, house parties and beach fires at sunset.

As a brand new and truly global artist – born in India with time spent studying music in Leeds, UK, and a fascination with American culture – looking to establish a global fanbase in 2021, TikTok proved a natural home for Renao, with a teaser campaign and responsive community built around debut single ‘Nobody’.

Each teaser video Renao posts shares the same simple backdrop – a nondescript bedroom wall filled with posters – and while the setting isn’t out of the ordinary it has quickly become iconic, and a key part of a teaser campaign culminating in over 18,500 pre-saves.

On launch ‘Nobody’ has received 20+ New Music Friday adds, along with Happy Hits!, Fresh and Chill (#12/1.14m), Pop Sauce (#14/988k) on Spotify, resulting in 400k streams the first weekend. Look out for more from him very soon.