RENÉ unveils empowering new single ‘Better U’

Fast-rising London singer-songwriter RENÉ kicks off 2021 with new single ‘Better U’, out on Thursday 4th March.


A bold modern R&B jam, ‘Better U’ combines forward-thinking production with RENÉ’s confident and empowering vocals. It marks her first release of the new year and follows 2020 singles ‘Uncharted Waters’ and ‘Space In Between’, a track that tastemaker platform COLORS described as showcasing her “sensational tones (…) across a trap-inspired beat”. 

“Better U describes the feeling of when you have invested so much of yourself and time in a relationship, sticking around with the false hope that they will change for the better – but they never do! Only to find when you’ve finally moved on, they have too, becoming the very person you always hoped they would be…but with someone else.” RENÉ explains.

“I think on the surface the song gives an air of confidence, knowing your worth, with a hint of self-importance. But delving deeper reveals this might be more of a defence mechanism and despite not being ‘bitter baby’, perhaps there is still the question of ‘why not me?’ I hope it’s one of those songs that makes you want to sing and dance along to, because Lord knows we all need that release right now!”

Born to Mauritian Creole parents and raised in London, RENÉ was surrounded by music from a young age. With R&B, soul and hip-hop in constant rotation, she cites the likes of Aaliyah and Timbaland as inspiring her innovative and layered sound. Seeking to blend past and future sonics, she burst onto the scene in 2017 with lauded singles ‘I.N.T.O.’ and ‘Voices’.

‘Better U’ is a candid critique of knowing your worth and having the courage to leave a relationship when things turn toxic.

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