Renowned Deep House Producer Anthony Kalabretta SHARES ‘This Fire’

Anthony Kalabretta Shares 'This Fire'

Deep house music producer Anthony Kalabretta has released his single, ‘This Fire’ on the 1st of May via Physical Presents. You may know of him from his works as a recording engineer, producer, and songwriter with well-established acts such as DVBBS, Protest the Hero, Silverstein, Abandon All Ships, and more recently Felix Cartal. Kalabretta has performed alongside internationally acclaimed DJs like Don Diablo, Disclosure and Oliver Nelson while his video production abilities and film scoring have lead him to working with actors and directors such as Chad Peter (Mr. Robot), Giacomo Gianniotti (Grey’s Anatomy), and Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars). His work has received support from Youtube channels MrRevillz and SensitiveTracks, and featured on Acid Stag’s Newcomer List which has contributed towards over 700 000 plays across streaming platforms.


LABEL: Physical Presents

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Born and based in Toronto, Canada, Anthony Kalabretta began working on the music scene at only fifteen years old, going on to develop a love for analog synthesis and niche musical genres. While he started off as a recording engineer, producer, and songwriter, working predominantly for others, 2016 marked the beginning of his own musical endeavour with the release of Basic. Currently, the producer is working on his upcoming 6 tracks EP, Terracotta, for 2020.

With his love for niche musical genres comes a variety of influences on his own work, including the likes of Justice, Caribou, MGMT, The Strokes, and Mac Demarco. However, Anthony Kalabretta’s own sound draws a closer comparison to the likes of Avoure, Nora En Pure and Duke Dumont

‘This Fire’ opens with intoxicating basslines that carry smooth vocals along with them. Deep house radiates throughout the track with shimmering synths guiding the way to an addictive groove. Calm cooling beats assist in maintaining the easy-listening tone of the single as they intertwine themselves into the listener’s ears with grace. Anthony Kalabretta takes his time with the track, allowing the rhythmic beats to speak for themselves rather than force or hurry them. The result is simple: a stand-alone track that will hold its own on any playlist.

Speaking of his own production style, Anthony Kalabretta shares his thoughts: “I find myself moving backwards in time when it comes to production. I’m inspired by the simplicity and magic behind older analog synthesizers and letting them leave their nostalgic imprint on my music. I feel it’s an obvious element on my releases, including the latest one.

“Sometimes I’ll find inspiration in the way a sound makes me feel. The way it brings me back to a specific moment in time. I love experimenting with older analog synthesizers because they have a magical way of drawing that nostalgic feeling. ‘This Fire’ is the result of that, mixed with a wave of memories that flood in when you find the right combination between oscillation and notation. I’ve always been inspired by unique encounters and this track reflects the feeling that ignites when you stumble across that unexplainable connection.”

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