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Retrowave Extraordinaire Lost Years Shares ‘Ocean Blues’ remix!

Lost Years shares nostalgic remix of Saint Mars 'Ocean Blues' – Muze Fm
  Image Credit: Nick Francher 

Retrowave producer Lost Years has provided a dynamic remix of Saint Mars’ ‘Ocean Blues’ single, out now via Grá Mór Phonic Records. ‘Ocean Blues’ has also received remixes from noteworthy wave musicians Droid Bishop and Juche. Lost Years is a recognized name in the wave field, as he is responsible for a remix of Kavinsky’s ‘Nightcall’ and has been featured on tastemaker Youtube channels, NewRetroWave and ThePrimeThantos, as well as on the Retrowave/Outrun, Synthwave From Space, Dr Disrespect, Retrowave/Synthwave and Synthwave|Cyberpunk Spotify playlists. As a result, the producer is currently sitting at over 20 million plays across streaming platforms. 

Recently reworked, Ocean Blues was the band’s first-ever track, released on their eponymous EP of 2016. It features lead singer and young American prodigy Tryzdin, head honcho Marc Darcange, Angelo Bruschini (Massive Attack guitarist) as well as Britt Warner (October’s Child) who co-wrote the song. Saint Mars’ previous hits, ‘Loveghost’, ‘Help’ and ‘Pacific State’, have been widely acclaimed, earned Tryzdin a SongBro Award for Best Singing and received airplay in more than 20 countries. Thus far, the band has been featured on Medium, CLASH Magazine, Wonderland, Music Week and Beats Per Minute. In total, the outfit has reached over 1.5 million streams across digital streaming platforms.

Radiating with retrowave synths that carry the romanticism of the ’80s, ‘Ocean Blues (Lost Years remix)’ eases the listener on a journey of nostalgia. Take a step into the mysticism of Lost Years – where street lights called you home and the burgeoning world of electronics were only just beginning to reveal themselves. The dynamic production style of the single calls to mind artists such as  Timecop1983, Robert Parker, Waveshaper as it wraps fans in a blanket of synths and gentle electronic embellishments.

Speaking of the remix, Marc Darcange of Saint Mars tells us: “Ocean Blues can be considered as the foundation stone of the Saint Mars universe and anti-bullying message. I felt immediately connected with the Lost Years rework since it captures all the original essence of the track, giving it new colors evocative of some teen movies of the 80’s. It’s sweet, soft, delicate and strongly emotional at the same time”

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