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With every release, German melodic producer Rezident demonstrates his masterful production prowess with his outstanding creations. His musical maturity and attention to detail speaks volumes and draws solid support from across the dance music spectrum. Following his ‘Chapters’ EP, Rezident reveals a mesmerising 5-track EP, ‘Definition’.


Revisiting his sensational single ‘Artifacts’, Rezident builds a dreamy soundscape, brimming with scintillating synths across a bed of down-tempo percussion. Calling upon piano melodies and a deep bassline, ‘Finders Keepers’ emanates a melancholic feel across its duration. Leading with airy synths and a gentle bassline, ‘In Veins’ is a soothing cut, which uses a chopped vocal to complete the overall tone. The penultimate offering ‘Want It All’ is a restorative production, which moves delicately across its instrumental arrangement. Allowing the listener to unwind, this beautiful number ebbs and flows with smooth synths and a crisp bassline. Presenting listeners with a brand-new creation, ‘Remember You This Way’ perfectly blends Biishop’s haunting vocal piece with guitar licks and a reverberating bassline, flaunting his ability to craft emotive music that will last a lifetime.

“The ‘Definition’ EP means a lot to me since it’s basically how the Rezident project started. My first-ever releases are included here and I have lots of great memories of these records. There’s also a brand new track ‘Remember You This Way’, which is my very first vocal song/collab!”
– Rezident

 Putting his own spin on Nils Hoffmann’s ‘Parachute’, Rezident took the original to his own realm with expert care and precision, delivering a slow-burning energy, gently infusing his signature blend while maintaining the original’s essence. Playing livestream sets for Anjunadeep and a special Thanksgiving mix for SiriusXM ChillRezident continues to spread his stunning sound to the globe and enchant new audiences with his unique blend of electronic dance music.