Richie Hawtin announces new “educational electronic music instrument” the Bullfrog

Created by Erica Synths & Richie Hawtin is an educational electronic music instrument designed to captivate and inspire both youth and professionals alike.

Unlock your musicality and combine the thrill of electronic music production with a comprehensive learning experience!

Designed in collaboration with Latvia-based boutique hardware synth company Erica Synths, the semi-modular Bullfrog is intended to give users a handle on synthesis, and comprises eight modules including a VCO, noise generator, and two envelope generators.

Sound is generated using a patch cable (with ten cables included) or voice cards (with three swappable cards and three pre-configured cards included). This approach is aimed at shedding light on “the functionality of a subtractive synthesiser, and the principles of sound design with instruments like these”, according to the press release that announced the Bullfrog.

‘The Bullfrog is a synthesizer dreamed up by Erica Synths and I to inspire and welcome a younger audience into the world of electronic music. Although first considered for someone’s first steps into synthesis the final robust design will also fit comfortably into anyone’s studio and/or performance setup. I can’t wait to see where the Bullfrog leads a curious new generation.’ -Richie Hawtin

The Bullfrog will be available via the Erica Synths site and electronic music retailers from the 10th of August. Find out more here