Rick Christian escapes MADNESS from the year 2085

Rick Christian escapes MADNESS from the year 2085

Rick Christian is an Inter-Dimensional time traveller offering Alt/Electro/DarkDance music from Edmonton in the year 2085.

Following his first release of 2023 titled Deranged Machine he returns with his latest single MADNESS. Rick Christian has escaped from the corporate overlords in the year 2085 to return to the present, only to discover he was too late to prevent MADNESS. It is a troubling future where the government and the state are absent, the world has been merged and controlled by a few corporations or “The Overlords” as it is known by the people. Humans are raised and contained for singular purposes to fuel the corporations. Individual thought, desire, freedom and sexuality are controlled and suppressed by the overlords and their vast media networks. It was identified by Rick Christian that this all began at some point in our present time and he made a perilous escape to correct the future, only to discover it may be too late.

MADNESS quickly dives into disturbing sounds of the year 2085. It is a powerful Alt/Electro drive that is carried by its consuming Dark Dance beat from the future. The chorus blatantly states the madness of our ways yet catches you in its melodic riff. The verses will have you dancing as you receive messages from your overlord as they test their control.

Rick Christian’s epic from the year 2085 is available on whatever streaming service satisfies you on May 5 2023. MADNESS is accompanied with a music video on Rick Christian’s YouTube channel.

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