Rick Christians Releases Latest Single ‘In Dreams’

Rick Christian is an Alternative/Electro/Dark Dance artist from Edmonton, Alberta.

In Dreams captures our loved ones in eternity.

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In Rick Christian’s last single you descended into darkness as you entered the dystopian future that is Pathways. His latest release strips everything away and offers you something honest and open. In Dreams is a vulnerable and emotional window into Rick Christian’s mind. Although the single has his familiar sound and style, it also delivers a new Electro-pop tone that is rich and melodic. Lyrically In Dreams is very personally reflective, driving to the root of desire and the disillusion of lost time. Strong personal bonds of those closest to us and those perfect moments in time is something we all wish we could eternally live out in our dreams.

Rick Christian is offering a view into his personal life with his new song In Dreams. Putting aside political opinion, conspiracy, the dystopian future and dark thoughts; Christian composes reflections of affectionate emotions and lost time. Time seems fleeting for Rick Christian as his daughter is growing older, crafting a dream world where there is no time and creating a place where they can always be together. Aware that youth can never last, this is a place that freezes moments and offers a blissful eternity. 

In Dreams’ companion is an artistic and abstract music video that complements the song. It offers vibrant animation that constantly moves forward, following a girl and her father through various realms to find a place In Dreams where there is no time and where they can always be together.

Rick Christians new single captures our loved ones in eternity. In Dreams is available on all streaming platforms November 18 2022.

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