Rising Electronic Producer BOLO THE DJ Releases Stunning Moombahton Single “Back 2 Me” With Singer-Songwriter Lánre

Burgeoning San Diego-based house producer BOLO THE DJ returned to his Latin roots today, teaming up with singer-songwriter Lánre for their debut collaborative single, with his new moombahton record, “Back 2 Me.” Drawing inspiration from late 2000s pop anthems, Lánre’s sultry vocals reflect the desire to escape reality and lose oneself in the music. The warm synths and crisp percussion blend perfectly with the powerful brass stabs and deep bassline, a testament to BOLO’s refined production stylings. With more music on the horizon, “Back 2 Me” signals a new chapter in BOLO’s career as he looks forward to developing his artistry with music that’s reflective of his roots and personal growth.

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BOLO THE DJ shares, “Moombahton has been one of my favorite genres for a while, and I feel like it hasn’t gotten the recognition it deserves recently. It’s one of the genres that got me into EDM in the first place, and it blends my love for electronic music and Reggaetón. I’m excited to do more Moombahton projects in the near future and hopefully introduce the style to some new people!

Lánre adds, “I love making music that people can move to. With “Back 2 Me,” I wanted to write an homage to all the big summer Reggaetón/Caribbean anthems from my childhood from artists like Lumidee, Daddy Yankee, and Sean Paul. BOLO quickly picked up on that vibe when I first sent him the vocals to this song, and he took it to a whole new level! This record is guaranteed to make people dance and get them excited about the first real summer in a while.

Emerging onto the scene in 2020, BOLO THE DJ has since established himself as one of San Diego’s notable rising artists. He’s performed throughout San Diego at Bloom Nightclub and Bang Bang, opening for artists like Crystal Skies, William Black, and DJ Susan. Citing influences such as Deorro, Skrillex, and Dada Life, BOLO fuses vibrant Latin-inspired melodies with heavy basses and hip-hop-inspired drums, forming his unique hybrid sound. This year, fans can expect to see the name BOLO THE DJ everywhere as he sets his sights on expanding his influence across the US.

Diving into music at age 10, burgeoning singer-songwriter Lánre has quickly made a name for himself thanks to his electric dance-pop style. Though classically trained, Lánre has since grown as an artist, deciding to pursue his passion for songwriting under the tutelage of his cousin and mentor, Mike Will Made-it. In 2020, Lánre released his debut EP ‘In My Dreams,’ earning him over 400 thousand streams with the lead single “Beautiful Lies,” nearing 300 thousand on Spotify alone. This year, Lánre looks to continue his upwards trajectory with “Back 2 Me,” just one of many upcoming releases from the pop prodigy.


BOLO THE DJ (Edgar Avalos) is Latin American DJ and producer from the Bay Area,

California. Growing up as a first generation American with a single mother, music always seemed to be his escape. From as early as middle school, BOLO began pursuing a career as a

DJ as he worked alongside a local mobile DJ as a roadie to learn the skills of the trade. But it

was at University where BOLO first began to take music seriously. He was able to earn his

platform through playing at local fraternity/sorority parties, school hosted events and eventually

local college bars and clubs. During this time, BOLO also co-founded the event production group “Body Language Productions” and was able to work with some memorable artists and DJs including Graves, Ship Wrek, and Neph the Pharaoh.

After graduating university in 2020, BOLO took a leap of faith and relocated to San Diego to further explore his career as a DJ. It was at this time where he began producing original music and exclusive remixes which he would later use in his own DJ sets. Today, BOLO can be seen DJing regularly throughout San Diego, the Bay Area, and even some venues in Los Angeles. BOLO brings a high energy, electronic style to all of his sets and puts a large emphasis on his hip hop and Latin roots. In recent years, BOLO has been able to open/support for artists such as DJ Susan, Boiz House, and DJ Dynamiq and the Muzik Junkies. Keep an eye and ear out for BOLO THE DJ as he makes his presence known in the industry through his versatile DJ sets and fiery remixes.


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Lánre Bio

From touring the tri-state area with an award-winning show choir at age 10 to working with Grammy award-winning producers. Atlanta’s newest singer/songwriter is bringing new meaning to the word ‘popstar’ into the new streaming era of music.

Born and raised in Central New Jersey Lánre (born Olánrewaju Keyede, December 16, 1992) began his music career at age 10 when he attended a music school and was classically trained in vocal performance. Since then, he continued performing in off-broadway musical productions and local festivals in Atlanta when his family moved south during his sophomore year of high school in 2008.

It was in Atlanta that Lánre discovered his songwriting talent and released a 6-track demo at age 15 under the tutelage of his cousin and mentor, Mike Will Made-it.

Lánre continued writing and performing his songs in and around Atlanta during and after he graduated college where he discovered his sound of a mix of RnB, Electronic Dance, and Pop genres that was truly unique to him.

Lánre’s artistry promotes a sense of nostalgia akin to the era of pre-streaming pop stars like Michael Jackson, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, and Chris Brown, which he frequently lists as major influences on his music and look.

With the 2020 release of his debut EP, In My Dreams, Lánre has shown that he is ready to make an impact on the music industry in a major way. In just a year of its release, the independently released project has gained over 300k+ streams, with lead single “Beautiful Lies” crossing 190k+ streams. He also received support by BBC Radio for his single, “Somebody New (graymattr Remix),” which is crossing 180k+ streams. Atlanta’s newest breakout singer is definitely an artist to keep an eye on as he sets the stage for the new-age of superstardom. Lánre is artistically at the top of his game and surely has a huge future ahead. And the most exciting part – he’s still only really just getting started.

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