Rising hyper-pop artist Marxoxo expresses herself fully in the infectious single ‘Euphoria’ and ‘ID:Me’ EP


Marxoxo is the bratty air-pop project of independent trans filipina artist, Mar. Marxoxo’s 

writing pulls inspiration from personal drama, dreams, and diaries, snuggling lightly 

between the hyperpop of Charli XCX and the attitude of early Britney Spears. But more than 

that, it’s a juxtaposition of identities, reconciling growing up in a humble hick town with 

proudly growing into herself.


An active artist in the LGBTQA+ communities, Marxoxo is fixated on finding the balance between the hyperpop and alternative spheres, and does work in her local scene putting on her own concert nights at Club XOXO. The result is staggering and symbolic of her energetic and fun-loving nature, which has seen her land on Tidal’s editorial We Are Everywhere playlist, OnesToWatch’s “Now Watching” Playlist, Grindr’s New Music Friday playlist, Charli XCX’s “Charli” live tour and recently performed at Sacramento Pride.

After a string of releases since her debut album ‘Velvet’ back in 2017, she has totally reinvented her sound sonically and diversified her audience into a more modern and accessible offering. She’s burst into 2022 with singles leading up to her latest EP ‘ID:Me’, which is an ode to self as she stakes claim of who she is and isn’t over 5 infectious tracks, honing in on topics that are relatable to anyone else who is struggling with self identity and questioning themselves fully.


The lead single from this resilient air-pop project is ‘Euphoria’, which is Marxoxo personified. A song all about celebrating yourself and being your own icon and person, she channels this energy into a deeply infectious hyperpop track, full of electronic and mind bending synths that bring a wave of sounds that will keep you captivated from the very first second.

Written with her producer and co-writer OHEY back in the pandemic stricken year of 2020, you can tell right away that Marxoxo wanted to unleash all the energy she had spent being locked up at home. Inspired heavily by UK garage classics ‘Flowers’ by Sweet Female Attitude, you can certainly hear this in the writing and vocal arrangement, but then her vocals just take you to another place and space entirely, which is what makes Marxoxo stand above her counterparts.

The empowering and deeply personal lyricism also brings another dimension to her sound, if the music itself wasn’t enough to be swept up by. The video for the track is literally spellbinding, as Marxoxo creates a fantasy world for us all to enjoy and to give ‘Euphoria’ that even further meaning behind it. Marxoxo has paved her way to be one of the biggest artists in her genre, and will surely be seen as an effervescent icon with ‘Euphoria’. 

Marxoxo says “For the video, I created a literal fantasy world with myself as Sleeping Beauty complete with dress changes and a fairy godmother! It’s a royal metaphor for self actualizing and manifesting your dreams. It features Pastel Kei as the fairy god, Moistbreezy as the sleeping bestie, styling by Louis Quantrille, editing by Mar Cantos, and shot by Nat Souza.”