Rising Star Iris Gold Releases Official Music Video For Second Single, “Lover of My Own” Out Now on Bay Street Records

(New York, NY – November 5, 2021) Rising star and Bay Street Records recording artist Iris Gold welcomes you back into her world of “hippie hop” as she continues her journey to collaborate with award-winning singer, songwriter, musician, producer, and Eurythmics co-founder Dave Stewart on her recently released second single, “Lover of My Own.” You can listen HERE.


The chill yet sexy, flirty, and free track was produced and co-written by Stewart and recorded at Bay Street Studios in the Caribbean. Describing the single, Gold says, “I’m a natural-born flirt, but I give it all to my audience now, tiger style. I razzle and dazzle then say bye-bye cause I got someone waiting back home, yeah, I got a Lover of My Own.” Gold continues, “This song is all about self-love. Giving energy to your surroundings is cool, but you gotta listen to your own needs in order to keep giving. Be your own lover sometimes…and love who you wanna love.”

Iris makes a strong statement in the song and video, letting everyone know that they can be who they choose to be. She comments, “As a black girl singer/rapper, I have often been told I should stick to a particular visual genre. Which sucks cause we are so much more. I see many artists being pigeonholed, but I also see some amazing artists that are free and experiment. I’m one of those. I love fantasy in every sense of the word. As a little girl, I was obsessed with drawing princesses in fairytale dresses. I didn’t see many princesses who looked like me growing up, so in this video I could finally fulfill that fantasy.”

Stewart commented about working with Iris on this new track, “Iris and I got to talking about her great flirtatious stage presence and how she loves to play with the audience. We then started to write a song about it, and the payoff was the fact that you build the audience/someone to the point of climax and then say, ‘Oops, I gotta go cos I have a boyfriend/girlfriend back home waiting for me.’ We were falling about laughing and in a great mood making this track. I played all the instruments and Iris put down an amazing vocal first take.” 

“Lover of My Own” is the second single from her yet to be titled forthcoming album. Iris’s first single, “Girl Pick Up Your Drum,” premiered worldwide on FLAUNT Magazine and was picked up by Earmilk, Vents Magazine, Cliché Magazine, This Song is So Sick, Find Your Soundsand more. Iris was recently featured in VOGUE Scandinavia discussing her style and fashion while touring seventeen European countries in twenty days during her pregnancy, and landed on the cover of Gaffa Magazine Sept ’21 issue (the Scandinavian version of Rolling Stone Magazine). She also sold out the ’21-’22 “Black Voices” tour and earned sync placement for a Vodafone commercial campaign airing on TV in Germany throughout September and October.

Earmilk said, “The genre-bending track is as vibrant as they come and channels the free spirit of 90s alternative pop, the swaggering aura of hip-hop, and soulful elements to boot.” 

“Girl Pick Up Your Drum” made several playlists, including Spotify’s official New Music Friday Suomi and De nye as well as third-party playlists including Best Gym Playlist 2021, Best Pop Songs of All Time, Top 100 Songs of 2021, Top 100 Hits in Russia, and more. The single was also added into rotation on Radio P4 in Denmark and the largest radio station in the Faroe Islands.

Gold, born in London but raised in Denmark, quickly made noise in the music industry, attracting attention from stars as diverse as Miguel, Doja Cat, Taylor Swift, and Robbie Williams. Elle Magazine recently noted about Iris’s magical musical powers: “Iris Gold has got it all – The looks & the charm to take over the world.”

Gold’s ongoing relationship with Stewart is just another win for the talented artist, who has continually impressed the music industry with her revelatory approach to genre-blending.

Few can harness the unique vision of musical pioneers quite like the iconic Stewart, which is why Gold has jumped at the opportunity to work with him. Together, they’ll continue to develop her peerless style, tapping into her “hippie hop” vibe to further build on Gold’s one-of-a-kind sound.

A multi-faceted entertainer, Iris Gold is poised to make her mark. Capitalizing on the recent buzz surrounding the emerging talent, William Morris Endeavor recently signed Gold for worldwide representation. Iris’s sophomore album is set to release early next year.

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