Robin and The Goblins shares atmospheric new single ‘Future Angel’

Credit: Cristina Salgar

Spanish artist Robin and the Goblins – aka Robin Romo – has released their atmospheric new single Future Angelout now.

Combining baroque-pop and synth-infused sensibilities, Future Angel is oozing with ambience from the offset, sounding akin to the likes of Cat Power and Patrick Wolf as a result. Tragic and playful, Romo blends medieval imagery with lush floral strings and eighties fantasy movie influences in order to explore themes of queer shame, anxiety and alienation. 

Talking about the single, Romo explains, “I wrote Future Angel from the point of view of a guardian angel that comes to warn a kid about the dangers of isolating yourself; of course the child was me. One night I was walking home and went into a snowed-in graveyard. I fell asleep for a couple of hours and when I woke up to the sound of crows and white all around me, I thought maybe I’d died. Turns out I was just hungover, but that inspired the imagery in the song, which I like to describe as ‘Dickens meets synth-pop’.”

Robin Romo is the name they gave to themselves after they started to identify as non-binary. After moving to Berlin in 2017, Romo began transforming their anxieties into home recordings and teamed up with Israeli producer Oded K.dar; a collaboration that still continues to this date. Romo has previously received praise the likes of The 405Nothing But Hope and Passion and Berlin in Stereo to name a few.