Announcing Roe’s Garden’s captivating new release, ‘Day Job’a musical masterpiece that breathes life into their artistic vision. Roe’s Garden delivers a compelling composition that transcends boundaries and resonates with listeners on a profound level.

Believe in yourself and take the leap. Follow the thing that sets your heart on fire” 


Driven by a deep longing to cultivate love and bring people closer together, Roe’s Garden aims to explore the space between. Their music is for the city dweller who escapes on the weekend and people who love to ask ‘why’. Roe’s Garden is playful but sophisticated; warm and mysterious. Sonically, ‘Day Job’ and the artistry of Roe’s Garden draw inspiration from a diverse range of genres. Influences span from the soulful sounds of 90s R&B and Hip Hop, reminiscent of Brandy and Tamia, to the contemporary vibes of SZA, H.E.R., and Yebba. With additional hints of indie and pop, their music becomes a soothing companion through moments of sadness, love, heartbreak, and the desire and growth.

Roe’s Garden is an Indie/R&B act formed in Los Angeles late in 2022 when Joe & Understanding (writers) met Erica (vocalist). The track “Day Job” has a mood of hopefulness, confidence, and aspiration. Created during a period of significant life changes for the team involved, Joe and Understanding – whilst concluding their work on the music team for the Hulu show “Wu-Tang: An American Saga,” were also starting their own creative venture. Erica, a dancer looking for musical collaborators, had recently moved to Los Angeles. Joe wrote the lyrics, inspired by his meeting with Erica, the pressure of starting a new business. The track was initially recorded in January 2022 but was revisited and completed in early spring 2023 for release as part of Roe’s Garden’s series of singles. The outfit are also planning “Beautiful Idiots: Live in Person” show in LA, with plans for a 2024 west coast tour.

About the Beautiful Idiots

Beautiful Idiots LLC was founded as a result of an exciting opportunity to license original music for season 3 of Hulu’s “Wu-Tang: An American Saga.” Understanding and Joe, who had been collaborating as The New Hippies for six years, had spent the past four years involved with the TV show. In the initial two seasons, their contributions primarily revolved around performing and recording score music. However, prior to the third season, RZA of Wu-Tang Clan presented them with a remarkable chance to write and pitch original songs for the show. As a result, six of their songs were successfully licensed for use in the third season, prompting the establishment of Beautiful Idiots LLC to effectively administer those licences.

Understanding and Joe, the talented duo behind Roe’s Garden, found themselves with a vast collection of demos spanning various musical styles. Inspired by their creative vision, they decided to establish their own label and curate a roster of artists to release their music. This led to the creation of four distinct acts:

  • The New Hippies: This original band will showcase their funk album, produced for season 3 of the Wu-Tang show. The New Hippies serve as a platform for freestyle expression and collaborations with Zane Taylor and Alex Rushka, the original band members.
  • Roe’s Garden: With Understanding and Joe at the helm, Roe’s Garden represents their indie/R&B project. Featuring the captivating vocals of Erica Spievack, their songs are a testament to their broad mainstream appeal.
  • The Corner Store: Embracing their hip-hop alter egos, Understanding and Joe embody the characters 1000Kicks and MadUrther, respectively. Visualized as an animated duo, The Corner Store aims to develop an animated miniseries, chronicling the characters’ journeys as they master their craft and strive to overcome their present circumstances.
  • Theatre Kids: Set to debut in October 2023, Theatre Kids draws inspiration from Understanding and Joe’s background in musical theatre. Their first collection of songs, titled “Running,” presents a ten-part movie-musical, delving into the lives of characters who feel lost in the middle. While the sonics lean more towards the singer-songwriter genre than classical musical styles, each song is accompanied by a vignette that explores the thematic elements of the music. Similar to The Corner Store, their goal is to pique interest from producers and explore the film festival circuit to secure funding and wider distribution for their subsequent collection of scenes and songs.

Through their diverse acts, Understanding and Joe aim to showcase their boundless creativity, captivate audiences, and explore new avenues for musical expression.