Ronniee unveils new alt-pop track ‘FAYE’

London based newcomer Ronniee is poised to announce a brand new release with the arrival of ‘FAYE’, lifted from her debut EP ‘So, What Happened?’ due next year.

‘FAYE’ is delves into Ronniee’s personal experience, fusing elements of unfiltered pop, heart-on-sleeve melodies and witty lyricism. She explains: “If an eye roll was a song it’s most definitely ‘Faye’! We all have known or know a ‘Faye’, aka someone who’s a little jealous or attempting to dull your shine. That’s how the song came about – an old ‘friend’ who was a bit shady towards me and I thought you know what I’m gonna make a song out of you! So it’s kind of a salute to those ‘Faye’s’ out there by letting them know we see you.”

Ronniee is a refreshing, bold and empowering female artist who offers an unapologetic point of view in her lyrics, mixed with a sprinkle of raw British charm. Her emotive vocals add depth to her conversational style lyrics and offer a fearless take on topics such as mental health, problematic relationships and social injustices, all of which add to her authentic sound.

‘FAYE’ 19th November / ‘So, What Happened?’ EP 2022