Rony Seikaly Releases First Single “Safari”, Off Debut ‘Moonwalk’ Album

Rony Debuting Moonwalk Event Concept at Club Space in Miami Tomorrow Night (September 25th)

Rony Seikaly has today unveiled “Safari”, the first single from his debut album Moonwalk, slated to arrive in March 2022 on his label STRIDE. Safari kicks off Rony’s long march towards Moonwalk; a 26 track album of music produced in full by Rony.

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Safari encapsulates Rony’s ability to take listeners on a sonic journey; leaning into atmospheric production adorned with playful synths and a hypnotic sample. It’s a fitting launching track for the album, and sets the tone for what to expect from Rony’s debut LP.

With Moonwalk Rony demonstrates his lifelong devotion to house music through an extensive collection of tracks that merge his influences and showcase his unique interpretation of the genre. On his debut album Rony pours his heart and soul into crafting music with feeling, designed to move the mind, body and spirit. The objective is simple, yet profound: if he can put a smile on someone’s face, Rony has done what he has to do. It’s a philosophy rooted in the essence of dance music; joy, liberated expression, inclusivity, escape, safety, unity… Love.

Moonwalk takes the listener out of their surroundings, away from the humdrum of everyday life, and transports them to a realm of pleasure and abandon. Rony’s productions embody the core tenets of the dance floor, and they’ve been successfully road tested by the man himself in countless sets. In fact, his prolific output means he is now playing extended sets comprised almost 100% his own material. A dream for most DJs and a testament to his boundless creativity and disciplined approach. Most pertinent to his productions is the art of storytelling. Every track has a narrative rhythm, peaks and troughs, twists and turns, engaging the listener from start to end and forming part of a broader story. On the LP each track is like a chapter in a book, this is journey music, and every composition feeds into the adventure.

Dance music has always been at the forefront of Rony’s life, in fact every home he’s ever lived in has had some type of club attached to it in one form or another. Rony regularly hosts club nights at his home Miami, where he’s become a bedrock presence in the city’s vibrant dance scene. Rony is a true student of music, keenly observing the plethora of international artists who routinely pass through Miami, synthesizing and refining these various sonic elements into his own signature production.

Despite an overarching passion for music, Rony took advantage of his athletic prowess for the first half of his career. Moving to the states from Greece to pursue a career in basketball, Rony played four standout seasons at Syracuse followed by 11 seasons in the NBA, which included winning the Most Improved Player Award in 1990, a testament to his commitment to continuous self-improvement. Upon retirement from basketball, Rony translated that work ethic to explore his true passion: producing and performing house music. After twenty years of learning the intricacies of music production and DJ culture, Rony is finally set to unveil his debut album.

Moonwalk signifies Rony Seikaly’s standing as an artist who does his own thing regardless of what’s considered hot. It’s an open invitation to anyone who’s feeling it, to join him, to leave their cares behind and visit a place where we’re all in unison, as one, on the dance floor. It’s an expedition, a trip, to a destination where you can be free of the trappings of modern life, and all that matters is being yourself and enjoying the pure unadulterated sense of liberation that comes with being in the moment. It’s about emotion, rhythm, self-expression, communion and a deeply rooted understanding of feeling. Open your heart and mind, and join Rony on a Moonwalk to paradise…

Rony will kick off the Moonwalk album campaign in spectacular fashion; headlining Club Space in Miami tomorrow night (September 25th) where he’ll play Moonwalk in full from start to finish. The release of Safari marks the official launch of Moonwalk’s long-awaited lunar landing, and the unofficial start to Rony’s second act.