Rothschild ‘Broken Man’

Yorkshire 4-piece ‘Rothschild’ release their latest single ‘Broken Man’, the lead single from their debut 6-track EP under the same name written and recorded pre-pandemic at West Homesick Recording Studio. 

Broken Man is a raw explosive offering from the Leeds-based outfit that underpins Rothschild’s hybrid rock sound drawing elements from alt-rock, math rock, metal, emo and post-hardcore culminating in a dynamic sound that’s often loud, brash and unyielding. Backed by raw anthemic vocals that meet with Dillinger-esque riffs and impactful drum beats, creating a chaotic nature that’s representative of the band member’s headspace at the time of writing. ‘Broken Man’ delves into facing your problems head-on without falling apart as you go through the worst times of your life, hence the name ‘Broken Man’. 

Rothschild consists of frontman Nathan Morris, guitarist Danny Jowett, bassist Joshua Roberts, and drummer Thomas ‘TJ’ Johnson. Known for their energetic live shows, the band have previously shared the stage with the likes of Phoxjaw and Mother Vulture, delighting crowds across Yorkshire with their riff-laden performances and charismatic stage presence. ‘Broken Man’ is the first off of a 6 track EP set to be released later this year by Rothschild and leaves the listener tingling with anticipation.