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SAILING STONES unveils melancholic new single ‘The Fire Escape’

SAILING STONES  'The Fire Escape' ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Taken from upcoming album ‘Polymania’ due 24th April 2020

Taken from Sailing Stones’ upcoming album “Polymnia” (set for release 24th April 2020), the second single ‘The Fire Escape’ projects a story of romantic innocence and longing against a backdrop of bleak uncertainty.

SAILING STONES 'The Fire Escape' ile ilgili görsel sonucu

This second tracks austere production makes it a softer, earthier counterpart to Ultravox’s frosty industrial pop hit ‘Vienna’, or the ballads of Sinead O’Connor. That’s not to say that the song won’t grant a little warmth to an otherwise bleak upcoming January. As Lindfors admits, ‘The Fire Escape’ is an unabashed love song, aiming to capture a lost sense of innocence.

‘The Fire Escape’ is introduced by luxurious strings, setting the stage for Lindfors’ melancholy yet soulful voice. The song’s chorus becomes a comforting repetition throughout, gradually reassuring the listener that the passion described here is not destined to fizzle out. Although the lyrics describe a “fire that rages for days”, this song is strangely gentle in its reminiscing of falling in love, and the resulting feelings of being “both broken and alive”.

The song is lyrically and compositionally rife with contradiction: bleakness and warmth, simplicity and complexity, destructive emotion and healing. But Lindfors works these mixed emotions together into the overall palette of the song with ease, ultimately telling the story of a complicated person surrendering to love.

“The Fire Escape” is out on  KHL Records on 31st January 2020.