Sam Casey Has ‘More Songs About Weed and Toxic Relationships’ on New EP

Toronto songstress Sam Casey’s music effortlessly weaves two separate yet overlapping themes together over pop-driven beats and contagious choruses. The powerhouse anthems tackle the idea of maintaining your mental health and navigating an, at times, brutal and demanding music industry.

Her sophomore EP, More Songs About Weed And Toxic Relationships, was co-written with, and produced by, JUNO nominee Mike Schlosser (John Orpheus) and collaborators Laur Elle, AARYS and Chloe Kay. Listen to the latest track “Stupid Bitch” –

The seed of “Stupid Bitch” grew from the realization that some people stay in toxic relationships because they aren’t ready to leave, not because they are unaware of their situation. The latest track tells the story of a person who is aware of their partner’s narcissistic tendencies, and uses their ego-centric lifestyle and lack of attention to grow and become independent in their own life before leaving them for good. 

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“My role as an artist is to say the difficult things and to be honest about the unattractive qualities in myself and, in turn, this hopefully may slowly minimize the fears of my listeners. If we can be honest about our identity and even allow ourselves to feel shame about certain aspects of ourselves, then we can accept that shame for what it is and move on. We can be more accepting of ourselves and others,” Casey shares about the EP.