Scuba announces ‘Diivorce’, his 7-track project with debut London vocalist/producer DOMiNii

Scuba begins a new project with London vocalist and producer DOMiNii, who makes his debut with ‘Diivorce’.

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Paul Rose (aka Scuba) has long since explored cross-genre sounds, skilfully blending disparate elements and respectfully mining nostalgia to create cool moods and moments of pure escapism. Over four critically acclaimed albums and mix CDs for DJ Kicksfabric, and Ostgut Ton, he’s established himself as one of the industry’s most respected artists and tastemakers. While he has appeared in the top 20 of the Resident Advisor Top 100 DJs poll and won a DJ Mag award for Best Live Act, he also continues to evade musical pigeonholing over the course of his career, never hesitating to challenge himself with new creative endeavours.

‘Diivorce’ is the product of his first collaboration with DOMiNii, a vocalist and producer who takes influence from the likes of Talking HeadsWang ChungDavid NewmanArthur Russell, and The Blue Nile. Although he appeared uncredited with backing vocals on Scuba’s ‘Forgive Me’, which initially came out last summer, ‘Diivorce’ marks his first official release.

The work opens with ‘Touch’, as a warm bloom of sound and twinkling synths, arouse an understated Balearic vibe. ‘Womb’ is mid-tempo disco strut that combines dry, eighties drum sounds, house piano, and a winding guitar solo from Scuba’s beloved Novo. ‘Out’ is a marriage of power pop and indie rock, as the booming electronic drums power a sweet synth line, while showcasing a clever use of melody. ‘Forgive Me’, a favourite when released last summer, slots in deliciously into the 7-track work, offering a glossy neon sheen amongst the soaring guitar solos. ‘Fish’ is a bright, sharp pop gem, as a two-note riff powers the song along, before a rousing solo raises the tempo. ‘Tango’ is a glistening instrumental, driven by a chugging bassline and an epic guitar line, making for a stirring penultimate moment. ‘Tips’ rounds out the collection, a melancholic finale imbued with DOMiNii’s bittersweet vocal above Scuba’s acoustic strumming and subtle washes of synth.

Scuba + DOMiNii — ‘Diivorce’ is out 16 July on Hotflush Recordings.
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Scuba + DOMiNii — ‘Diivorce’


  • 1. Scuba + DOMiNii — Touch
  • 2. Scuba + DOMiNii — Womb
  • 3. Scuba + DOMiNii — Out
  • 4. Scuba + DOMiNii — Forgive Me
  • 5. Scuba + DOMiNii — Fish
  • 6. Scuba + DOMiNii — Tango
  • 7. Scuba + DOMiNii — Tips