Sean Healy shares animated video for ‘Drift Around’

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Emerging folk singer songwriter Sean Healy has released his debut single ‘Drift Around’ (22nd of February) via Chestnut Records, accompanied by an animated video. The single is followed by an inspiring animated video. The single premiered via Hotpress and was written by Sean Healy himself and mixed and mastered by Sefi Carmel who has previously worked with industry greats such as David Bowie, Phil Collins and Michael Bublé. The video for the single was premiered via Son of Marketing.

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While the singer is originally from Ireland, Sean Healy currently lives in China. From a young age, the musician found himself exposed to music by family members, resulting in Sean picking up the guitar for the first time at 9-years old. When not creating epic works of art and forming part of the animation industry for both China and Europe, Sean Healy finds his home on the stage – embracing the intimacy of connecting with fans.

Over the years, the musician has claimed inspiration from the likes of David Bowie, Fionn Regan and even the rougher stylings of Jawbreaker. His own deep and heartfelt vocals call to mind the well-known creations of Tom Waits, Bob Dylan and the more recent Andy Shauf. 

Pulling listeners into a confidential embrace, Sean Healy sets a dysphoric tone as he gently strums to his own, unhurried, pace. However, the pure contemplation that oozes from the single doesn’t serve to dishearten the listener. Instead, we are treated to small glimpses of hope throughout ‘Drift Around’, as the rich vocals make their place at home in one’s heart. A sleepless night of introspection embodied in one, delicate song. The accompanying video, created by concept artist  Chris Yamao, tells the story of a panda bear freeing itself of worship and embarking on a journey of self discovery before he returns once more to teach the masses.

Sean Healy tells us about the creation of the song, as well as the inspiration behind it: “I wrote this song when I was studying Chinese in Shanghai. It was the year after I finished college in Ireland. I wrote the song without forethought but looking back I think it’s about searching and finding energy as time goes by and challenges arise, and reconnecting with energy that you had before.”

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