Sean The Star Emperor ‘Paradise’

 “Paradise” the track narrates how pre/post pandemic life has really dampened where and how we physically interact. Never-you-mind, as ‘Paradise’ suggests:  “Playtime” can still be had with little to no expense needed. …Fun is what we make of the conditions. ‘Paradise,’ was co-written by Sony/ATV songwriting duo YVR, who’s lead singer was a part of the Grammy nominated song, ‘Running With The Wolves,’ for Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media.

The song features a fun and dancey electronic sound with extravagant electro pop sounds, while tying into the underground Vogue scene

In a world of genres and playlists, true originality is hard to come by. However, now and then an anomaly lands on planet earth and causes a ripple through the airwaves of the universe. Sean The Star Emperor is the embodiment of what happens when you take the status quo, do the complete opposite, then make a big song and dance about it, all the while destroying heteronormativity…