Sem Vox starts new musical movement with launch of fresh genre-binding single ‘A New Life’ via Ledo

Following on from the news that UK clubs and festivals are set to return with no restrictions from 21st June onwards, the good news keeps rolling in, as Sem Vox launches his huge new single ‘A New Life’, the beginning of a new musical sub-genre based solely on the intention of judging music for the production’s aural merits.

Listen Here :

Looking to bridge the gap between the underground and mainstream sectors, the track – like Sem Vox – refuses to be confined to one sub-sector of the music world, as he seeks to add ‘more soul and less ego’ to the electronic industry.

The ‘Don’t Let Daddy Know’ founder looks to have struck gold again with this massive feel-good tribute to the post-pandemic world, with his new sound starting here, and bringing people together, united only by a love of music, rather than genre snobbery, or commercial greed.

Blessed with the dynamic progressive-tinged hook we’ve come to expect from Sem Vox, the euphoric ‘A New Life’ pairs spacious chords with a high-energy melody, and marks a brand-new era in the Dutch producer’s legacy as he heads towards a new musical direction. Blending a dynamic fusion of house, rave, and trance into his pioneering new style, ‘A New Life’ is an ode to the future, with Sem Vox adding: “COVID-19 made us all think about our lives! This song is for all those who dreamed of ‘A New Life’, and here it is!”

With ‘A New Life’ breathing a fresh gasp of air into the electronic industry, this one will be soaring into DJ sets across the globe this summer, and making waves across dance floors all over the continent as fans feel the euphoric thump of bass underfoot as they stride through the grassy knolls of outdoor events once more.

Set for release on Friday 26th March, the track marks an exciting new chapter in the Dutch star’s legacy heading deep into 2021 and beyond, with the dance music industry set to breathe the first breath of ‘A New Life’ for all of us!

The single is released via, Ledo, a new music distribution and ‘collab house’ platform for music makers and content creators to connect and reach new audiences through creative collaborations. Content creators can use the track via Ledo’s Free Music Library to make their content stand out.

About Ledo

Established in March 2021, Ledo is a new ‘collab house’ platform for music makers and content creators to connect and reach new audiences through creative collaborations. Conceived by music industry veterans Eelko van Kooten (Founder Spinnin Records) and Sarah Hildering, Ledo aims to put creatives back in control of their own content and to bring together like-minded game-changers who have a common love of music. Content creators and brands can access a free download library of quality music to make their content stand out, or earn money for promoting music they love via Ledo’s collab-house. As a music maker, you can work with leading influencers to increase your streams and revenue without having to worry about copyright or clearance. Ledo’s Free Music Library is a disruptive counter movement to the traditional sync model.


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