Shaun Johnson Big Band Experience Deliver the Goods on New Single “Multiplied by Two”

The Shaun Johnson Big Band Experience is a rare newcomer to traditional pop…fusing a big band spirit with an inventive edge…at once more risky than Buble, more modern than Sinatra. Shaun, an Emmy award-winning crooner (and lead singer of the internationally known vocal group, Tonic Sol-fa) indelibly stamps vocal jazz and swing with a contemporary punch – to the delight of both traditionalists and newcomers – emerging as an original voice in the continuing tradition of the American singer.

The latest single from their forthcoming album (September 17, 2021)  “Multiplied by Two,” is another charming insight into their world.

Shaun shares of the track:

I wanted to write a song inspired by the Andrew Sisters as well as Bing Crosby and dedicated to the idea that one person multiplied by another can seem so much greater than the sum of its two parts. This has definitely been true in my experience. The fantastic harmonies are courtesy of Abigail Flowers who has recently been hailed as “Best Jazz Vocalist” by the Nashville Industry Music Awards. Often, in the Big Band Experience’s live performances, I highlight certain musicians or small groups within the band.  “Multiplied by Two” is no exception.  Aaron Moe plays throughout the tune with an impromptu arrangement on alto saxophone and Dave Stanoch lays back with a one-take, live groove.  Both instrumentalists are clinicians, authors and teachers who’ve stuck with me since I started this musical adventure.  I may have to rename the song – “Multiplied by Three.” The Big Band Experience set out to offer a taste of a true big band…the style and the pulse, the horn arrangements and the intimate crooners.  As a singer-songwriter who appreciates many genres of music, my original compositions can sometimes be all over the proverbial map.  Recently, I’ve been thrilled to find high school jazz vocalists sending me their versions of “Multiplied by Two” – some with an upright bass, others simply a cappella. I’d like to think “Multiplied by Two” may be at home in the feel of the Great American Songbook, and that this is noticed.  If so, I’ve truly succeeded.

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