Silverstein Unleash New Single “It’s Over”

On Silverstein‘s visceral new single, “It’s Over,” the legendary post-hardcore outfit deftly balance their core sound—an intensely dynamic mix of melody and aggression, rooted in the energy of punk and the unabashed earnestness of emo—with their natural growth as songwriters and evolving inspirations.  

Stream “It’s Over” now:

Guitarist Paul Marc Rousseau reveals:This song is the spiral that leads to giving up. Those anxiety packed hours when you can’t feel anything but the low, steady crescendo of panic that eventually gets so intense your fingertips lose sensation. It’s hopeless to feel but pointless to endure. I didn’t learn anything from feeling that way. I just wanted it to stop.

Forged in their longevity, the confidence Silverstein has in one another enables the band to find a careful songwriting alchemy. They recently hit 20 years as a band, marking two decades of relentlessly pushing themselves from their underground roots to becoming one of the most influential bands in their scene.