Singer/songwriter Noah Solt is set to release his sophomore single, ‘After All,’

Singer/songwriter Noah Solt is set to release his sophomore single, ‘After All,’ by Starita Records on October 4th. With notes of indie folk and a touch of pop, the track is an acoustic ballad in the vein of Jason Isobell. Lyrics like, “For tonight, we’re living like we’re open/ After all this time, after all these nights,” paint a vivid image of new love after loss, and the vulnerability one must honor to be open to receiving new love. It is just a taste of what is in store from Solt’s upcoming debut album, ‘Big Water,’ a further exploration of self-reflection and hope. The track follows his first release, ‘Spheres,’ lauded by critics as chamber pop with a melancholic vibe. It premiered on EARMILK and received Top 10 placements across 132+ Spotify playlists

Raised in the landlocked Colorado Rocky Mountains and having developed skills as a guitarist, Solt’s inherent musical talents found him at Berklee College of Music in Boston during the onslaught of COVID-19. He chose to step away from the clear-cut path of school in 2020, instead opting to follow his heart and become a professional sailor. Along his trips, his music was a guiding force, always with him as he marveled at the vastness, unchecked power, and beauty of the ocean. It became his single greatest inspiration, as he found himself penning the tracks on Big Water with themes of transition that mimicked the sunrise he often watched on his boat. The album deals with finding empowerment to face the challenging unknowns in life, as well as connection in the vast spaces of such unknowns. 

‘After All’ was produced and recorded at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals in collaboration with GRAMMY®-recognized producer, Starita. Starita is well recognized for his unique genre blending style incorporating electronic elements blended with live instrumentation that stems from his deep roots in electronic, dance, ambient, and classical music; resulting in a lush yet complex soundscape. The track was written by Solt after his move to Boston. Writing about being brave and staying open to love again helped him overcome feelings of heartbreak and loneliness in a new city. “When the lyrics ‘Northern wind blows, cold across New England’ arrived, I felt like I had something special,” Solt shares.

The Muscle Shoals Studio band ‘Slow Burners’ were a wonderful asset to the production of ‘After All’. Starita explains, “Noah’s songs push the envelope and aren’t formulaic or predictable. So, I really wanted to push the band and Noah out of their comfort zone and explore sonic soundscapes that we don’t usually travel to.”

“After listening to this song, I hope the audience will walk away believing love is in the giving,” Solt shares. “It’s our choice whether we allow it through us, or hide it away in the fear that we’ll lose it.”


Wes Sheffield, recording engineer; Starita, producer and mix engineer; Toma Ramirez, executive producer. Andy Dixon, bass; Brad Kuhn, keys; Justin Holder, drums, percussion; Brad Guin, flute, saxophone; Andy Mann, shruti. The album was recorded at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL. Mastered by DaddyKev. Cinematography and photography by Tam Akiko and Andy Mann. Creative direction by Tam Akiko. Released by Starita Records, a division of Starita Music. 

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