Los Angeles, CA– Singer-Songwriter Faith Marie, has released her single “More Than I Am,” today. Released in collaboration with the label UUin, “More Than I am” is the perfect chapter to close out her debut EP. Written by Faith, “More Than I Am” is about the process of allowing yourself to let go of your inner demons. She elaborates; “up until now, this EP has been about delving into my darkness, whereas this single expresses how it was a struggle for me to let go of my demons because I was worried it was the only thing that made people connect with me. If I lost that, I wasn’t sure who I’d be. I built a whole world on this darkness and I felt like healing was betraying that, but the truth is, I’m so much more than my darkness as well as my healing. Sometimes we get tunnel vision and forget that no matter what you believe, we are truly a part of this infinite universe and we’re not tied to any sort of emotion or anything for that matter. Remembering that from time to time can really put things into perspective and help to have deep self-compassion.” 

The sound of “More Than I Am” was executed to encapsulate the meaning of this song and the existentialism of it. A lot of elements are felt, not heard, and Faith wrote these lyrics with a vision for people to listen and immerse themselves into a full experience. “More Than I Am” intertwines darkness with the bass and synths, alongside brighter elements such as the lead harp. This juxtaposition is meant to convey the feeling of acceptance of pain and confusion, while also giving a glimpse of hope while the song is evolving in that direction. Faith states; The bridge is one of my favorite parts of a song I’ve ever written, because it’s everything I’ve wanted to say to my listeners who experience deep pain and trauma. The music with the choir helps bring a very ethereal element to it that is meant to grab those people’s attention and hopefully help them to absorb the message. I really hope that my listeners take this song to heart and listen to it as if I’m saying it to them, because I had every person that’s reached out to me with their similar experiences in mind when I wrote this. You’re more than your pain, you’re more than your experiences and you have so much to offer the world.” 

Hailing from Provo, Utah, Faith’s foray into songwriting began at the age of 13, launching a successful YouTube channel that attracted over 121,000 subscribers over the next five years, in addition to over 80 million Spotify and Youtube streams combined. Inspired by the likes of My Chemical Romance, Paramore, and Brockhampton, Faith pushes herself creatively when it comes to genre-bending. In 2015, her love for artists that seamlessly cross genres led her to posting a cover of Bring Me The Horizon’s “Drown,” which immediately went viral and is currently sitting at 5M views. “Bring Me The Horizon has always been the most inspiring to me because they don’t care about upholding a genre or appeasing specific types of fans that listen to them, they do what inspires them” Faith states. 

The virality of this cover catapulted her into the release of her debut single Antidote,” which Faith wrote and self-produced. Now, 7 years later, Faith has released multiple singles ranging from the orchestrally adorned “Little Girl” and the electronic-laced “Devil on My Shoulder,” each dealing with themes of struggle, anxiety and hope. Faith is constantly working to perfect her craft of songwriting with each release, and is also currently pursuing a bachelors in audio engineering. She elaborates “I’m on a lifelong mission to master as much of the music creation process as possible.”

Producer and UUin, Inc. label head Amyn Bhai, who has worked with Faith since she was 13 explains, “Faith first wrote the lyrics to the entire song, as she always does, and had some initial production ideas. We then took the songs and built the production out with our friends at Slowave Studios, where she also recorded the vocals. It was later polished and mixed with Steve Phillips, our engineer. On her new EP, people can expect more honesty in song form. The production direction is tailor-made for her, and the writing is 100% how she is feeling in the moment translated into song form. Faith has significantly grown as is natural with time passing.” 

Credits: Faith Marie/UUin Collab 

Song written by Faith Marie 

Produced by Dane Holmes & Caleb Loveless 

Additional Production by Faith Marie, Steve Phillips and Amyn Bhai Mixed by Steve Phillips 

Mastered by Eric Boulanger