SK-47 unleashes his unique drill hip-hop approach in new single ‘It Was Me’

SK-47 is proving to be one of Southeast London’s most promising upcoming drill artists, representing Lewisham. SK-47 focuses on his craft, leaving nothing to the imagination, with lyrics filled with vivid imagery and aggressive ideas. Starting with his first single, “Verbal,” which was released in June of 2021 and is currently on 2.9 million streams on Spotify. SK-47 continues to show consistency with building his music catalogue.

Going into 2022 SK-47’s work rate is unmatched, with many more singles following and succeeding again, with his music displaying growth and popularity, SK-47 caught the attention of various radio stations with the likes of Ellie Prohan “Kiss FM” and Rob Bruce “Capital Xtra” Spinning the tracks and showing support on their shows.

On the verge of releasing his EP ‘SK 24/7’, SK brings it all in this 6-track body of work. Blending the classic drill beats with hard-hitting and intoxicating rhymes and flow, lead single ‘It Was Me’ seems to perfectly encapsulate everything that SK-47 represents. Reminiscent of vintage Stormzy, SK hits that sweet spot between grime, drill and rap that so many people have become enamoured by in the past decade.

Speaking about the single, SK says I made the song ‘It Was Me’ nearly 2 years ago and it was inspired by Central Cee’s release ‘Pinging’, in fact, I originally wrote it to the same beat. When Central says ‘selling them party drugs I’m the one that got the party pinging’, I knew it was mostly lies or massively exaggerated (cap) so I had to make this song to give the music fans the truth from the streets. Hence why I say, ‘It was me, not Cee, got the party pinging’”

SK-47 is putting his name and his music well and truly on the map, and continues to work hard to create a body of work that showcases not only his artistry but his versatility too. He has only scratched the surface and going into 2023 the Southeast London newcomer is certainly an artist that is one to watch as he continues to showcase his life and tell his stories through a classic drill beat and instrumentation that has become synonymous with his sound. SK-47 will be heard by many this year, and what better way to start it off with ‘It Was Me’.