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SLANDER’s New Label Heaven Sent Releases “The Way To Infinity” from AU5 Today

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With futuristic sound design infused with melodic soundscapes, Au5 transports you to a utopian world that’s as vibrant as it is monumental.  His new single “The Way To Infinity” is out today (January 15) on Heaven Sent.

Listen now here: The Way To Infinity ( 

Au5 (Austin Collins) consistently pushes the boundaries of possibility within electronic music. “’The Way to Infinity’ is rock-inspired melodic dubstep,” says Au5.  “It calls to the seekers of something beyond our physical world and bounds. It speaks of the infinite potential found within us all as individuals and is a call to action to ‘wake up’ and evolve together.”

From stargazers to neck-breakers, Au5‘s music has something we can all immerse ourselves in. A well-rounded composer and music technologist, he has toured with Infected Mushroom, Liquid Stranger, Seven Lions and has been releasing music for almost a decade, with over 100 songs to his repertoire.

“The Way To Infinity” is a highlight for SLANDER’s new solo label Heaven Sent which is dedicated to more melodic and emotional music compared to their Gud Vibrations label collaboration with NGHTMRE.

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