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Slippy Slides Onto Night Mode With Melodic, Emotionally-Charged Double-Sided Single ‘Lone / Feel Alive’

Lone / Feel Alive - Single by Slippy | Spotify

Coming off a killer combo of riveting releases spread out across the entirety of 2020, the Night Mode crew is synching up with Slippy for the first release pulled from the imprint’s fourth season.

For his debut appearance on Night Mode, he’s sliding onto the catalog with a double-sided single showcasing his strength at shifting moods without ever skipping a beat. On the lead track, “Lone,” he creates an anthem for the forgotten, sheathing an introspective vocal hook with deep reverberating low-end, somber padlines, snappy drum programming, and rippling keys. It’s a palpable chunk of future bass that will make all the isolated souls in the world feel seen. The energy swings to the opposite side of the pendulum via the B-side, “Feel Alive,” which finds him zipping through frenetic liquid drum & bass energy that’s backed by the unfaltering vocal delivery from singer/songwriter Soundr. Both cuts are incredibly raw and super relatable, so prepare to get swept straight into your feelings.

“It’s a pleasure to be releasing these songs with Night Mode – both of which are very near and dear to me. Through these songs, I hope listeners are able to find solace in knowing that they aren’t alone in feeling complicated, and at times conflicting feelings during these times.” –Slippy  

After bursting out onto the bass scene back in 2015, Alex Swartwout has pumped out a steady stream of genre-fluid productions that have truly given meaning to his Slippy pseudonym. The Tampa-based artist has consistently crept through the cracks and crevices separating the realms of trap and dubstep, as he effortlessly fights the friction that comes with weaving between so many styles. His slick hybrid creations are lubricated with ominous overtones and heart-racing melodies, making his name one that has slipped onto the lips of many heavyweights in the game including NGHTMRE, Diplo, 12th Planet, Seven Lions, Adventure Club and many more. He’s no stranger to the gamer community, either, having previously been featured on Rocket League and Beat Saber. Making the jump over to Night Mode is a move that makes perfect sense for all parties involved.


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