Slumberville shares meditative lo-fi gem ‘Norrland’

Taken from the new album ‘Harmony’ out 2nd September via Nettwerk

Swedish musician / producer Slumberville returns with his final focus track ‘Norrland’, lifted from the debut album ‘Harmony’ released 2nd September through Nettwerk. 

Following on from his recent singles, ‘Chinatown’, ‘What A Great Feeling’, ‘Paraná River’, ‘Bliss’, ‘For The Win’, ‘Gulfoss’ and ‘Forever Young’ ft Woodes, ‘Norrland’ is a meditative, laid back, head nodding ode to Northern Sweden’s iconic natural landscape.

He says: “Norrland is Swedish for ”Northern land” which means the northern part of Sweden. I’ve spent a lot of time in “Norrland” while I was touring. I always love going there. Friendly people, the vibe is always calm, simple and unpretentious. The nature is breath taking and during summer time; midnight sun – it never gets dark. Absolutely spectacular! I tried my best to capture all this in Slumberville’s ‘Norrland'”.

Slumberville (Sebastian Fronda) epitomises lo-fi music and is always trying to simplify. “Simplicity is key. Always.” is his motto. Loving the DIY headspace, the approach and creative freedom, of a ‘bedroom producer’, Sebastian loves incorporating different genres/styles into his lo-fi world.

Sebastian Fronda, has been labelled as one of Sweden’s ‘hip hop pioneers’ according to Swedish national TV documentary (SVT – Den Svenska Hiphopens Pionjärer 2021). The multifaceted musician started rapping and producing in 1999 and has been described as ‘one of the most entertaining hip-hop artists’ in Sweden for his ‘heavy beats, unusually interesting choruses and good flow’. A live force to be reckoned with, Sebastian has amassed over 500 live shows in the Nordic countries, including 3 platinum and 10 gold selling songs.

Harmony / 2 Sep