Sondr & Samantha Harvey ‘Company’

Following on from “I Know What You Did Last Night,” “Stalker,” and most recently “Swim” with Canadian duo DVBBSSondr return alongside UK-based singer-songwriter Samantha Harvey for their feel-good new single “Company“. The emotion-backed single is all about being lonely and wanting company from a special someone. With its bright, dazzling, and high-class production, “Company” is an immediately infectious and heart swelling tune. The crisp, airy vocals from Samantha soar to the heavens on lush chords and swinging claps and the big beats are perfect for summertime celebrations. Add in some big string subs and warm bass and you have a crossover tune that ticks all the right boxes, as is always the case with Sondr. Sondr x Samantha Harvey “Company” is the joyful slice of irresistible dance music that we all need right now.

Listen to “Company”