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Sound of Berlin releases official music video to ‘Lonely Boy’ animated by Rose Bonica

Iranian-born producer Namito is sharing his latest EP ‘Lonely Boy’ via brand new label and multimedia platform, Sound Of Berlin. ‘Lonely Boy’ is a collection of dark, hypnotic tracks that capture the iconic underground sound of Germany’s capital.

Stream / Buy: Namito – Lonely Boy EP

The video was animated by fellow producer, Rose Bonica, who said that her living by the ocean inspired the dark, hypnotic visuals. She says: “I gained much of my inspiration from the organic movement of the water and the waves. I spent a few days listening to Lonely Boy on repeat watching the waves and I could feel the metallic sounds in the song move with them. I felt like although it is organic like the waves there are textures and moments in the song that feel like you are not the present but rather in a Dystopian future. Combining both those ideas led me to this sort of metallic, shape shifting space.”

A little more about Sound of Berlin

Sound Of Berlin is the fusion of a multichannel platform and a record label with the aim of amplifying the smaller voices around Berlin’s celebrated electronic music- and nightlife scene.

At a time, where mobility has drastically changed and impacted the global live music industry, Sound Of Berlin aims to give emerging artists of the Berlin scene a platform and worldwide reach. We want to drive innovation and creation in the scene by mentoring and supporting emerging artists during those difficult times.

Our goal is to raise the smaller voices in the scene, be they independent one-man labels, self- releasing artists, club owners, independent curators, stage- and light designers, just to name a few. We want to shine a light on all aspects of the scene and give everyone a voice.

The name Sound Of Berlin may sound familiar to avid electronic music fans. Having kickstarted the platform with the incredibly successful documentary two years ago, which showed interviews with some of Berlin’s most prominent figures in the scene. The project has now been relaunched with several new features.