South Korea-based Songwriter and Recording Artist, Toho releases ‘OFF’

South Korea-based Songwriter and Recording Artist, Toho, is telling a visual story with the release of “OFF,” out today. A song about believing that something out there is waiting for you, “OFF” is meant to take the listener on the start of one’s journey to figure out where they’re going, why they’re going there, and what is waiting for them at the end of the road. “I always want my music to tell a story. I want listeners to picture and imagine while listening to my music. I get inspired and write songs focusing on nature, messages and images, and find ways to dramatically express them which leads me to write in different languages (English/Korean)” Toho explains.

Watch the video :


The release of “OFF” is an extension of his previous, and first ever, single release, “Petal.” Written while he attended Berklee; both songs touch on the repetition of searching for something in one’s life, and both use a repetitive chord progression and 80 BPMS. The title “OFF” came to fruition due to the fact that Toho only used chords with the root of  I, IV, V which is One, Four, Five. While each song shares similarities, they both make you feel extremely different emotions. The “OFF” music video was shot outside with a cold industrial vibe, to match the hopelessness of one’s journey; while the “Petal” music video showcases a lot of indoor scenes with nature and a warmer vibe, which matches the journey of someone who is frustrated yet comforted and hopeful of the end result. As an artist who strives for his listeners to interpret his songs in their own way, Toho doesn’t write his lyrics with the intent of the meaning being too straightforward. He expands; “I don’t want to describe things or situations using words that are too realistic. I like to compare these things with impressionism. I picture and describe the image through the song in my own point of view, like my own filter or senses if you will.”

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