Spring Silver to Release Video for “Little Prince”

Spring Silver’s latest single “Little Prince”, off of their sophomore LP I Could Get Used To This, now has a dreamy music video to accompany it. The video’s production draws upon the well-developed visual arts background of the band’s founder K Nkanza. It captures the track’s vibrant energy in its myriad of bright colors, and emphasizes Spring Silvers’ eccentricities through warped effects, sharp cuts, and fabulous makeup.

Nkanza, a multi-instrumentalist, Washington D.C. local raised in South Dakota, playfully describes their music as “queer metal.” Spring Silver is a product of a childhood spent playing both violin and guitar, living in both suburbia and farmland, and ingesting everything from electronic to rock music.
This is what makes “Little Prince” sound so unique: genre-bending and a wide variety of inspiration. Nkanza’s voice taps into the edge of alternative choruses from yesteryear, questioning, “Is this not enough, you spoiled little prince?” The track itself is a commentary on the surreal nature of suburban life.