SQWAD & Cloverdale ‘Everyday’ IN/ ROTATION

The two rising house music artists collide on a club-ready groove for Insomniac’s house-centric imprint.

SQWAD and Cloverdale find a happy medium between their signature styles on new collab “Everyday,” as the next single on IN / ROTATION. 

Since taking its first spin back in 2017, Insomniac’s house-forward imprint has taken pride in revolving around some of the most understated acts who are pouring their heart into the bass house and tech house arenas. For its next release, the label is watching those two genres merge in the best way conceivable, as two of its familiar faces reach the perfect middle ground between their respective styles. The French duo SQWAD syncs up with Canadian sensation Cloverdale on a dancefloor-focused collab not only closes the gap separating the two projects but proceeds to seal it shut as though they were one and the same all along. 

“Everyday” cuts through the monotony straight from the jump, with their homegrown sounds meshing so seamlessly that it’s hard to decipher where one influence ends and the other begins. A bed of shuffling drums keeps a tightly wound pace, using its swinging momentum to pick up more elaborate elements as the track progresses. It starts with shimmering stabs, and soon its persistency pays off through throbbing basslines, echoing vocal chops, glossy synth trills, and rotund low-end flourishes thrown in for good measure. The finished product is a cut that is so complementary, it’s almost unfair to label it as just a collab.  

“So thrilled to be back on IN / ROTATION with my friends SQWAD,” says Cloverdale. “These boys have been pushing the bass house sound to new levels over the past few years and I’ve really looked up to them as producers and artists. This tune came together quickly, and I feel really captures a blend of both our sounds. A little bit of bass house, a little bit of classic house sound design, and a whole lotta groove! Hope you guys enjoy ‘Everyday.’”

“We are really happy to collaborate with our Canadian homie Cloverdale on this one,” adds SQWAD. “‘Everyday’ is a perfect blend between our two universes, a fresh tech house track with a touch of bass house—perfect for sunny days.”

Cloverdale first graced the IN / ROTATION catalog at the start of 2020, putting his tech sensibilities in motion with ‘Movin,” which took the lead spot on the second installment of the label’s ‘Rotate’ compilation series. He followed that up with another appearance on fifth iteration of the album via the acid-soaked heater “Old School” alongside FWLR. He’s also dished out his fair share of bumpin’ numbers for a slew of stables including Dr Fresch, Club Sweat, Confession, Gold Deeper, Night Service Only, to name a few. 

SQWAD has been pressing forward within similar circles on their own, making massive waves in the house scene with their bass-riddled creations. They found their entry point on the imprint on the third volume of ‘Rotate,’ dishing out a sleazy bouncer with Badjokes on “Disco Light.” In January, they got behind the wheel of their first solo outing on the imprint with the rubber-burning number “Back On Track.” It’s been a rather productive run for them these last few years, having kept up a prolific schedule of releases for Divided Souls, Bite This!, Monstercat, Premiere Classe and more. 

“Everyday” is not your average swap-stems collab. SQWAD and Cloverdale have taken it a step further and stacked their styles smack-dab on top of one another making for the best of both worlds. 

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Launched in 2017, Insomniac’s IN / ROTATION is a label living under Insomniac Music Group that is dedicated the freshest house sounds on heavy rotation. From established artists to buzzing up-and-comers, the imprint has showcased names from across the four-on-the-floor spectrum, ranging from bass house, tech house and every shade tucked in between. Its catalog has brought forth a whole host of noteworthy artists, including Westend, LO’99, Maximono, Sidepiece, Dateless, Left/Right, Kendoll, Worthy and many more.

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