St. Humain “Pillow”

Photo Credit: Spare Truth

St. Humain is a Singapore born, Sydney based singer, songwriter and producer whose music is a delicious amalgam of sounds and stories. The genre-agnostic artist blends pop and electronic with a healthy dose of R&B, to create something which is comfortably familiar, yet alluringly unknown. St. Humain strives to represent the everyday person, delivering honest and relatable songs which speak about his own battles and looks to explore the emotions that make us human.

Now, he returns with his single “Pillow”, the final single to be released ahead of his highly anticipated EP METADRAMATIC, which is set to bless listeners as we enter 2023. Sparked from a co-writing session with collaborator Josh Palandi in Jakarta, this next single expands into chronicles of devotion and deliberation alike. Self-produced in Sydney, St. Humain’s next single was later mixed by Simon Cohen (Justin Bieber, Masked Wolf) at Studios 301 in Sydney and mastered by Dale Becker (Doja Cat, Lauv, Lil Nas X) at Becker Mastering in California.

Exploring discourses into the war inside your head that is often battled when you have feelings for somebody, “Pillow” comes to life with honesty and authenticity alike as he channels his dark, electro-pop energy into his next anthem. St. Humain has always been a remarkable storyteller, and “Pillow” is another exceptional example of such. He explains, “Maybe I’m too cautious, maybe I’m too scared. But this song captures the feeling of missing somebody (again) and wanting to be close to them… I’m thinking about them when I go to sleep, and it keeps me up sometimes. But at the same time, there’s something holding me back. My own heart is holding me back. I’m such a slow burn that I’m unable to simply dive into love and need to take things very gradually. This tension between wanting anything but withholding everything became Pillow.”

Paying homage to his love of pop, inspired by artists like Lauv, Dua Lipa and Post Malone, St. Humain consolidates his status as an incredible multidisciplinary artist. His enriching discourses and unparalleled resonance seep into every second of his growing repertoire, as he continues to own his blissful sound and likening persona. Exploring the internal battle of love, “Pillow” opens with St. Humain’s echoic vocal energy, before soaring into pulsating rhythms and bulging basslines. Mixed with euphoric synthesisers and dreamy pop undertones, and you’ve got a perfect late night anthem full of introspection.

Having released his debut EP, EMOTIONAL SAUNA, in 2019 with Capitol Records, to the acclaim of Billboard, Live Nation’s Ones to Watch and Earmilk, to name a few, St. Humain is hoping to aid Asian representation in the music industry and prove that the dreams of a boy from the small country of Singapore aren’t just dreams. Following the success of his previous singles “Memento” and “Tastes Like You” he has racked up over a million streams to date, and has appeared on Spotify New Music Friday and Apple Music Best of the Week playlists across the world. 2023 is set to be an explosive year for St. Humain. With an EP on the horizon and fresh apparel through his brand Emotional Sauna on the way, there really are no limits to his creativity.

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