Star2 & Lil’ Poppa “Pain”

The new single and video for “Pain”, the second collaboration between Star2 and Lil’ Poppa. The two rappers worked together previously on “Real Life” and have come together again on “Pain” to discuss shared bonds of trauma, conflicting emotions, and sources of affliction. The visceral rap single features lush piano melodies, cathartic lyrics, and emotive vocals from Star2 at the heart of each chorus for a sentimental and stirring listening experience. 

Emblematic of their generation, of their trauma, of their shattered selves, both artists croon with sadness and resignation. Underlying the anxiety, underlying the addiction – is constant pain. The video features a young woman, defeated by her own pain with no way to escape. “Pain” is a beautiful song with a profoundly sad but accurate depiction of what lies inside our youth.

“This pain, I’m feeling inside – it comes and goes, the nightmare! If you were in my shoes, you’ll feel the same pain…it’s ok…it’s my pain…I’ll find a way to fix it.”

Star2 began his life in a Thai refugee camp where he was forced to flee genocide from the Burmese army in Myanmar who burned his village to the ground. A lottery in the camp brought him to San Diego with his grandmother and her four children. Working alongside producer Chico Bennett, his collaborations with acclaimed rappers include Soulja Boy, $tupid Young, Mozzy, MBNel, Luh Kel, Lil Poppa, HoodTrophy Bino, YSN Flow, and MarMar Oso to name a few. Star2 has also received acclaim from the likes of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, BET, Lyrical Lemonade, HipHopDX, The Source, Ones to Watch and more.

Lil Poppa has been rapping since the young age of six, writing music with his brother before taking his childhood passion to the next level and signing with Interscope Records in 2019. Lil Poppa has collaborated with Yo Gotti, Toosi, Mozzy, and Polo G to name a few and always lends his brooding sound to whatever track he’s rapping on. His 2021 album Blessed I Guess peaked at #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums Chart.

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