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Stella Von Schöneberg (Pop Star – Entertainer Icon)

Stella Von Schöneberg (Pop Star – Entertainer Icon)
Stella Von Schöneberg, is an European pop singer & songwriter from Berlin.
She started her musical career by performing with the groups: “Prosecho” and “Come Out” /Germany & “Polygon”/USA. Stella von Schöneberg, came to prominence when she began performing in the pop music scene of Europe as a solo artist 2005 and
enrolled at Frankfurt University’s Sciences of Sports & Music Arts.
She signed her initial album “Cosmic Energy” in
2010/11 with B12 Records.
In 2013 Stella, cooperated with the youngest Dj Asia’s on an album release in India: Stella Von Schöneberg feat. DjPrithvi: “Beat the Box”.
Stella von Schöneberg, captured the attention of Asha Puthli (the Indian-American World Legend 70s) who recognized her talent and vocal abilities and Asha supported Stella at her album “WOT” in WMC/Miami 2014: Stella von Schöneberg feat. Misteralf vs. Stefano
Ravasini (signed with Cult Note Records). The album reached number 5 on the charts in Europe and topped the Billboard Dance / Electronic Albums chart peaking at number 36 on the Billboard Dance 40 chart in the
United States.Her new song ” Roomservice” was released March 2015 @WMC/Miami-FL: (included at the album “Souling” Ibiza-Miami 2015/Move Recordings) and later as an exclusive release on KP Productions/by
Proton Music Inc.
Her next studio singles “Afterparty” and “Venus
Power” are scheduled to be released by the same label as next..
Inspired by glam rock artists like David Bowie &
Queen, as well as pop singers such as Madonna & Michael Jackson and even influenced by the ethnic artists Ravi Shankar, Stella is well recognized for her
outré sense of style as a recording artist, in a unique music/art & fashion- visual and live performance.
Stella von Schöneberg, has positioned herself as an entertainer icon and what separates her, is her unique sound, appearance, her art-stage Show and her ability to attract new fans worldwide.
Her sound can be defined as a European style of influenced- pop-house; laced with powerful messages; into rhythmic and sultry lyrics!
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