Stella Von Schoneberg releases the new album ‘Is it Me?…’

Stella Von Schoneberg’s new album “Is It Me?..” @WMC time 2021.

Stella Von Schoneberg the international electroPop Music Icon singer/songwriter (WMC&ADE) with a strong attitude and musical identity. Based in Berlin/Europe. With strong vocals, catchy toplines and a powerful pop style. Stella Von Schoneberg has a lot to say in her art.

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The shooting took place in New York: Greenwich Village, Christopher Street & Park, Stonewall In (National Monument). “Stella von Schöneberg” dedicates it, to the equality struggle of the LGBTO community and their equal rights. The legacy of “Stonewall”(June 28, 1969) and an important piece of history, which lives on in every LGBTO member forever! Vocals: Stella von Schöneberg, Music/Lyrics & Vocals: Blaze(US-Rapper), (KP Recordings by Proton Music Inc. – San Fransisco), MakeUp/Hairs & Accessoires: Joey Sanchez (New York), Styling: sVs, Shoes: Jeffrey Cambell, Costumes: Charles of London(LND) + Samanfah Wilson (LND), Video Direction: Tolis Skoulariotis,

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