Study the Most Popular Music Styles among College and High School Students

Most college and high school students will follow the music styles and genres that remain popular the moment you ask. Still, it does not prevent them from exploring the world and coming up with innovations, as they seem to mix various genres and take things to another level. As always, we shall have those gothic personalities wearing black and metal heads that will not even look like they did in the 80s! There will be hip-hop and rap aficionados eager to share the latest beats that they have discovered. The surprising element, however, is that young people these days actually feel happier listening to various music styles as they are suggested or when an odd song comes up in the playlist. Streaming services become a journey of endless discovery, thus helping to form the most varied music tastes among the youth! 

Study The Most Popular Music Styles Among College and High School Students

– Pop Music. 

Since pop music is often upbeat and popular, most college students will choose it first, according to numerous surveys. The popularity of this genre has always been this way since it is what most people will hear without actually exploring or when turning on the radio. Most pop songs have catchy melodies, which is why they simply get stuck in a student’s mind. 

– R’N’B. 

Rhythm and blues is another popular genre since it’s always rhythmic and even becomes useful when doing homework. It’s also the preferred music genre among college athletes and is often chosen in school gyms since it’s always motivational and has a lot of variety. Speaking of homework duties, one should take time to read through the best custom essay writing service review in case of trouble or when unable to deal with homework tasks. Getting a bit of additional assistance will always help you to cheer up and sit back as you listen to your favorite tracks! 

– Rock. 

All the variations of rock music still remain popular among college students and high school learners. Starting with an indie rock to classic hard rock tracks, modern music fans will always discover new things and are often happy as they recognize the classics from video games or famous soundtracks. Just think about the Iron Man song or the classics by Led Zeppelin, and you will get the idea! 

– Rap and Hip-Hop. 

The fans of beats and the hip-hop culture represent the majority among students all over the world. Speaking of the most popular music, the students that listen to rap music are also those who are not afraid to show their social preferences and stand for the truth. Since the hip-hop community is more than just music, it represents a complex culture and a way of life. Just like those who listen to reggae music, the fans of rap and hip-hop are constant explorers and will always stand for their brothers and sisters as they learn from what they hear! 

Jazz and Country Still Hold The Flags High! 

Contrary to popular belief, many college students prefer listening to jazz music or strumming their favorite guitars along to country tracks. While these may belong to minorities, such college and high school students are usually more open-minded. The tastes are usually formed by the parents or older siblings, which is why one may know the classics and usually avoid trying to find out the latest and most popular music tracks. Such students will also comment on the latest trance and rave tracks as they hear them in the clubs, as they will not blame others for listening to something entirely different. Those who prefer listening to jazz classics will look for vinyls and high-fidelity audio equipment, while the country types will be kind-hearted and easy to approach for most musical genres! Finally, if some music rocks your boat, go for it and keep your heart open to explore! 


Olivia Evans knows it all about college life and the preference of students and high schoolers. As an educator and a culture specialist, she loves to write and share her discoveries. Follow Olivia to learn new things and learn how to keep things inspiring.