SupremeDae’s TikTok Sees 250% Growth Amidst Touching Viral Gun Control Video, Official Song To Be Released In Honor Of Juneteenth

SupremeDae is only twenty one years old but has already brought new energy to the music world. Over the weekend SupremeDae posted a TikTok expressing his frustration over recent events, and paired it with a lyric-driven, desperate plea for gun control. Despite being relatively inactive on the platform, the video deeply resonated with users, as he received 900K+ views in the first 24 hours and his followers increased by nearly 25,000. Just days later, the video has since passed 1M views and has been shared over 20,000 times. 

With so much love and support, SupremeDae shares “I feel like we as a community are in troubled times, and I just wanted to play my part and speak for the majority of what we all are feeling. With all the violence going on it’s like we’ve become immune to it, as if it’s all just expected at this point. I feel like this song spoke for a lot of emotions people have been feeling and haven’t been able to express. The love and support I’ve gotten has been very overwhelming, and I’m nothing but grateful. It just tells me that music truly can bring people together.”

SupremeDae has now shared the full track & an official music video later this week in honor of Juneteenth.

Watch here :