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Surfer Girl Leans Into His Beach Pop Roots for Latest Single “Little Green Eyes”

Surfer Girl - Little Green Eyes (Official Audio) - YouTube

On the heels of his rising debut single, “Hero,” reggae-pop artist Surfer Girl has released his latest single “Little Green Eyes” out now via Ineffable Records. With this pop-leaning track, he aims to bring a little sunshine to cold, dark quarantine days. A testament to every lucky soul with green eyes, Surfer Girl, also known as former Aer frontman Carter Reeves, encourages listeners to “grab a strawb daq and go wild with this one!

Listen to “Little Green Eyes” here:

While freezing your ass off in a New England basement, quarantined from the outside world may sound like a nightmare; I was miraculously able to find a little sunshine,” Carter explains.”Harnessing the energy of a thousand suns, I wrote this woozy-pop, early June love jam, “Little Green Eyes.” Inspired by every soul lucky enough to have green eyes, of which I am not.” 

The product of quarantine and a desire to reinvent, the genre bending singer-songwriter, strives to bring a fresh, new sound to the reggae scene. His debut track “Hero,” hit the ground running, quickly gaining traction on Pandora’s Discovery Chart, Spotify’s Beach Vibes and New Noise playlists, and Sirius XM’s The Joint. Listeners can gear up for a Surfer Girl EP at the top of 2021. 

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Carter Reeves is constantly reinventing himself. His music career began in 2012 as one half of the Boston-based pop-rap duo, Aer; which reached commercial success with the release of their debut studio album The Bright Side (#85 on the Billboard 200) and Aer (#26 on the Billboard 200). The next chapter kick started his solo career, yielding honest songwriting, surf chords, and a cauldron of indie, pop, and hip-hop all from his bedroom studio. After sharing the stage with the likes of Dirty Heads, Sublime with Rome, Chance the Rapper and Mac Miller, Carter made the long overdue foray back into modern reggae music. This year, he’s leaning heavily into these reggae roots with the launch of Surfer Girl. Via reggae veterans Ineffable Records, fans can expect new music in the near future. Surfer Girl is a genre bending, pop-leaning beach party, ready to get and keep you moving. Drawing from psychedelic dub influences such as King Tubby, to more mellow artists like Jack Johnson, Surfer Girl has a little sauce for everyone. While the music is completely self produced, and self written, Surfer Girl strives to deliver a sense of community with his music. It’s meant to share with your friends and family, while sipping mezcal or rolling a little bit of whatever you’ve got left at the bottom of the jar.

If you’ve never seen him perform live, prepare yourself for stage shattering energy, and an all around good time. Just like the legends of reggae music, Surfer Girl isn’t afraid of tackling some divisive, personal and introspective issues in his lyrics, with his main focus being to bring us all back together. “Let’s find some common ground, and let’s dance on it.”